Placer Art Studio Tour

Yay! I’ve joined the 28th Placer Artist Studio Tour!

I am so excited to have joined this wonderful event. This will be my first time, out in public, displaying my artwork. Talk about being nervous! I’m going to be around so many talent artist, I look forward to the conversations and learning experience this will be.

I will be located at the Art League of Lincoln (Art League of Lincoln – Home), a fabulous location to be at! Sadly, I will not be showing my art at my Fat Cat Crafts Art Studio but maybe next year the artist in Foresthill and the Foresthill Community Art Guild can come together and offer a location up on “the hill’. I can only dream.

If you have questions about the Placer Artist Studio tour, please check out their website

Be apart of the 28th Placer Artist Studio Tour by being a sponsor! Sponsorships (

A lot will be going on in these next few months, so check back often. I will try and keep you informed as the information is passed along. Save the date for November 12,13 and 14th, right in time for some Christmas shopping.

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