Fat Cat Crafts Studio

My Studio, my sanctuary, my circus

Fat Cat Crafts Studio welcomes you! This is my space to create art with multiple mediums for painting, sewing, and paper crafts. Why Fat Cat? Let me explain

This is our fat cat Shelby, our inspiration for my art logo. She is our oldest cat, in her retirement years, and has been with us since she was a few months old. She has assisted me with my degree in Sociology, loves laying on fabric and of course has to be the center of attention. She is my baby, my companion and the reason we’ll need to take out a loan so she has plenty of cat treats.

In 2019, I opened a store front to sell craft supplies in our community called Lynnwood Crafts. I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what I wanted as a logo. I approached my artistic husband for some ideas, this is what he came up with. Shelby was doing her normal passive aggressive “ignoring your existence” routine to Steve, so he drew her protest. He showed me his drawing, and simultaneously, we stated “Fat Cat Crafts”, which was then added to the drawing. Of course, she has her treats by her side.

Fat Cat Crafts logo was born! Lynnwood Crafts had permanently closed in 2020 but the art was still alive. Through troubling times, art and crafts were the mediums of comfort and expression. As a developing artist, a larger space was needed. Fat Cat Crafts studios was upgraded to our downstairs area included a private deck. We added cabinets and a craft island, which has added more obstacles for our cats (including Shelby) to run about and create chaos. We wouldn’t have it any other way. I may be painting the art, but it is a family affair. It takes this whole household to inspire art, inspire love and inspire chaos as only fat cats can ensue.

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