Still Life

A preview of my still life paintings. What better way to practice your skill by painting the objects or cute things around you? For these moments, I’m showcasing our pup Subaru, amazing tasting tomato and the summer time song of Peacocks.

Please keep in mind, my paintings are not for sale (YET), as I am building my inventory and a on-line store. More to come in the next few months!


9″x12″ Oil on Canvas Sheet

Meet our dog, Subaru! This painting is done from a picture I took many years ago when she was much younger. At Fat Cat Art Studio, her position is to keep the young boys (tuxedo cats) inline and out of Momma’s way. It was great fun to paint her personality and he desire to kiss everyone, including her two kitties.

“Summer time”

9″x11″ Oil on Canvas Sheet

I am a tomato snob! Fresh grown and farm fresh tomatoes are the only ones I’ll eat. This one in the painting was particularly good. The green and red tones were visible into the meat. Inside the artist studio with this painting!


10″ x 20″ Oil on Canvas

During the spring and summer in the Foresthill California, you can hear the call of the Peacock. This painting was create with fun and different technique. The canvas is painted with black Gesso and with the feather painted is shades of gray with white and black gesso. Once all dry, an oil glaze is applied with transparent colors. Such a fun technique.

Any questions, feel free to send me an email!