Showcasing a few of my landscape paintings. All are fictitious locations, places where I would love to visit if they existed. I started to paint landscapes first, they are the type of painting that I can vision everywhere. A grove of trees, a meadow, or even the open road. Many more landscapes are too come, many beautiful places to image and see.

Please keep in mind, my paintings are not for sale (YET) but will be available soon as I build my inventory and prepare an on-line store…so I guess this is just a preview.

“The Path”

12″x18″ Oil on Canvas 2019 – NFS

One of my first oil landscapes. First attempt of painting in layers, with each layer increasing in “fattiness” of the oil. Such a pleasure working on this painting, as if it were guiding me, every placement of nature just felt right.

Awaiting prints before item is placed for sale


24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas

Bright orange with plenty of sunrays! This painting was inspired by the video game Ori. As much as I enjoyed playing Ori, this painting brought me peace during an uncertain 2020 summer. A calming tree swing to relinquish the stress of the afternoon.

Awaiting prints before item is placed for sale

“Against the Wind”

Oil on canvas, resin

Oil on canvas sheet 11x14, with resin and wire wrapped pendant. Poor picture, Dandelions in the Wind
Corresponding Wire Wrapped pendant

This painting was quick and inspirational, the scenes and smells from summer. With an added twist, the oil painting is covered in a sparkly coat of resin. The gold sparkles representing spring and summers worst enemy of pollen. The canvas has a small hole cut into it, which I’ve also resin and turned in to a simple wire wrapped necklace.


8″ x 10″ Oil on Canvas sheet

This painting just started with a new set of brushes and a cloud. In the end it reminds me of the coast of Kuai in the Hawai’i islands.

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